EL Domo completes Phase 1 of Unique style Dome Houses in Bangalore

Eco-Friendly Holiday Homes construction with Miyawaki Afforestation in hilly rural Bangalore

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], January 29: EL Domo today announced the completion of Phase 1 of Holiday Homes completion and handover. This milestone is a stepping stone for EL Domo on its mission to Provide Experiential learning with nature & Rejuvenate in a stress-free living environment. The company has the vision To foster an understanding and appreciation of ecological balance in our times.

Yuvaraj, Founder Director @ EL Domo, says with modern ease of living, we have lost touch with nature, which is causing health issues, new age diseases. This has led to incinerate ways of living – excess consumption and waste generation, leading to a high carbon footprint in many things we do on a daily basis. We have adopted an Eco-Friendly method of construction, which is also rapid, using the least amount of material. Dome shape is the strongest natural shape as well, providing protection from natural disasters. Dome Houses are not only lower budget initially but also high energy efficient, low maintenance later due to the shape benefits offering temperature moderation. There is a high aesthetic appeal and a wow factor to every visitor. A Pyramid is for preserving content, whereas the Dome shape is for enhanced living. It is ideal for harnessing positive energies from the cosmos and spiritual growth, best suited for practising Yoga and meditation. Lack of corners in the Dome provides architectural benefits also concurring with Vaastu principles.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • A CSR funding sponsored Anganwadi school construction has taken off in Doddaballapur village of Thimmasandra
  • Launch of Sustainable Living Eco spaces in Madikeri
  • Plans are also on for a Lake rejuvenation at Suradenupupra, Bangalore North

Participating in an Eco-friendly activity, followed by inner reflection, culminates in generalized routine changes and a change of mindset or attitude. Every individual needs to build up Eco awareness and contribute in a small way in their routine activities. Several imperfect individuals can cause more positive change than a few individuals who are perfect.

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About EL Domo: The Company is founded by Professionals [Doctor Entrepreneurs, Engineer, MBA] who have seen the livelihood damages from COVID, slack of Eco awareness and indiscriminate lifestyles. They aim to create Eco awareness with a Sustainable living model Holiday homes, taking measures to reduce, recycle or eliminate plastic as a signatory to the Tourism Plastics Initiative. There is a big requirement to Promote Responsible tourism in the post COVID era. Kiran Basur a Sustainability Strategist with 15+ years of experience, developed the erstwhile Capital of Karnataka Banavasi and brought it back to the Tourism map with a decade long work with the local community. The company will also be promoting local crafts, artisans, native arts revival as a part of the Responsible Tourism initiative, with financial runoff benefits to the local population.

An Eco-aware Tourist is a blessing to the Tourist location and should never be a bane with indiscriminate waste disposal. To further the cause of having a clean environment, EL Domo will be conducting day activities for cleaning Tourist locations. For more details about EL Domo, click here.

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