Emerging woman entrepreneur Sneha Rakesh is a ray of hope for women

January 27: As rightly said by Stephen Covey, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but schedule your priorities.” In a time where people believe that doing multiple things simultaneously does not work well or is rather disadvantageous, Sneha Rakesh is proving the statement to be outdated. Dr Sneha Rakesh is a rural entrepreneur paving paths for ladies like herself and telling them that women can do multiple things concurrently. She does it, and so can you.

Sneha Rakesh is the owner of Akarmaxs Tech Pvt. Ltd., established as VCreate Software Solutions in 2008 and later renamed in 2015. Sneha finished her diploma in Computer Science from SMT. L V Polytechnic College in Hassan, Karnataka. She also received her part-time degree in M.Sc. Engineering from M S RAMAIAH School of Advanced Studies. In addition, she earned her post-graduation degree in 2015, majoring in Computer Science and Networking while working with a company. She began working at the age of nineteen. Since then, she has worked for many companies gathering valuable lessons and experiences that would eventually help her journey. While working under various outstanding leaders, she soon realized that she wanted to be like them. She wanted to be her own boss and create opportunities for others. Her spirit to lead and help led her to her own start-up company.

Akarmaxs Tech Pvt. Ltd. provides marketing, software, and development services. She is a Business and People Development Specialist as well as a Business Expansion Specialist. Her vast experience in Sales and Marketing and developing Business Strategies has helped take her business to reach another level. Along with achieving her own goals, she has helped over 2000 students find their path and shape their future. Her leadership, empathetic nature and strategic qualities attribute to her success. She is one of the youngest and top emerging entrepreneurs in the country. She was chosen as the Women Entrepreneur of the Year – 2020 in the Technology Industry for her enthusiastic and commendable contribution to the industry. She has won numerous awards and laurels in the field. Her journey from the bottom to the top of the ladder is the biggest motivating and encouraging factor for others. Married women and mothers are enthusiastic when they hear her success story as it gives them the hope that they can follow their dreams while fulfilling their responsibilities. They do not have to feel guilty anymore.

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