Tech Job Fair’22 is Back with a Bang to Host the Largest Virtual Job Fair

June 7: Finding a job has never been an easy task and finding a job that compliments your talents seems impossible. Tech Jobs Fair (TJF), an initiative to empower brands and bring talent/job-seekers under one roof, is here to drive your hiring troubles away.

After the huge success of the virtual job fair TJF ’21 in India, Tech Jobs Fair will host India’s second-largest virtual job fair on June 30th, 2022, from 1300 hrs to 1900 hrs IST; it will be more than 20,000 attendees in the event.

India’s Tech Jobs Fair’22 is powered by HotFoot. It will include exhibitors such as Ernst & Young (EY) – Premium Partner, Sunfox Technologies, Deep Technologies, NovelVox, Social Matters, Dight Infotech, etc.

CoFynd, Break the Ice, Transformation-The Strategy HUB, Deqode, Fintech Finance, Banking and Finance, Nirankari Infotech, Gandhi Institute For Technological Advancement, Govindram Seksaria Institute of Management and Research, and many more are going to be among the community, media partners, and universities and schools participating in India’s Tech Jobs Fair’22.

Registration of TJF ’22 is now open to anyone from a technical background looking for a job. Interested attendees can get their Free Tickets by registering here.

To ensure an exponential growth trajectory, all start-ups need branding and good talent recruitment. So, catering across this vertical, TJF, with its events, has managed to carve our unique identity across the industry.

TJF primarily focuses on Tech and Digital jobs, predominantly engaging with entrepreneurs and recruiters via different social media channels and through its website and YouTube. TJF aims to provide employers and job seekers branding opportunities to present potential candidates. 

Mr. Ashok Dudhat founded TJF in Berlin in 2017. The inspiration for TJF came from his struggle to hold down a suitable job as an immigrant while keeping track of expenses and reaching his professional goals in a limited period. Mr. Dudhat’s concept for TJF was to create a system to speed up the whole application process faster, where one can add their cv and automatically apply it to skill matching jobs. 

“I have been part of this HR hiring industry for the last nine years, and it was my vision to present a job fair in India. As we all know, India is one of the youngest demographics globally and has the highest rate of job seekers. Young people often take up the first job they get, but there is nothing worse than being employed in a field that doesn’t appreciate or use your talents/potential. Tech Job fair aims to find you a job best suited for your attitude and talents. We are thrilled to be hosting in India and expect a great turnout”, said Ashok Dudhat, Founder of Tech Job Fair.

After the fair’s immense success in Berlin, TJF expanded to Vienna, Zurich, and Lisbon in 2019. Last year, due to the pandemic, TJF was able to add eight more countries to its portfolio and aims to add a few more next years. TJF has had more than 500 organisations, 400 partners, and 45000 attendees in the past years. 

In addition to TJF- recruitment fairs, Tech job fairs have also launched another tech-focused reverse recruitment platform Hire Tech Talent, which allows companies to apply to individuals directly concerning a job, rather than the traditional application, which often drains a person’s time throughout the application process. Thus, people can accept or reject offers made by companies based on preferences and get hired quickly. 

Hire Tech Talent was built to bridge the gap between employers and employees through its simple, revolutionary portal Tech Job Wall, Germany Startup Jobs. Hire Tech Talent has kept TJF at the top of the industry – heavily acknowledged for its innovative and modern efforts within its field of expertise. Improving an individual’s job-seeking experience through the innovative developments of the TJF team.

TJF strives to listen to the needs of our clients and provide solutions to make their presence an exhilarating experience for them and their prospects. 


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