Neuflex launches personality tests for future-proof career planning!

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 8: Pune-based Neuflex Talent Solutions came up with AI-driven and Applied Psychology based personality tests, branded as Gestalt Test, to cater to the needs of class 8th-12th students to tackle competitive exams and parental suggestions specific to their child.

Every year the first page of the daily newspaper, especially in May-June, grabs maximum parental attention. Who were the JEE and NEET rank holders in the recently held exam? Following this comes the hunt for a perfect coaching institute to secure a perfect rank. While shooting for the stars is appreciated, to increase chances of success, parents and students should be well aware of what battle they will fight and how well equipped they are for the same.

An equally tense situation is for parents with children in 8th/9th/10th grade who are in the preparatory phase of moulding their children’s future. Class 10 scores would be the first set of scores they’d add to their repertoire of academic scores. Anxiety is taking a toll on students. How to prepare well? How to perform well? Thereby, the process’s how what, and when where is pertinent, and these compelling questions need answers.

Neuflex has developed a novel AI-driven and Applied Psychology based personalised Career Development model. Since its inception in 2016, thousands of students pan India as well as Singapore, the USA, Canada, Oman and Germany have received good guidance using this AI-based US Patent pending technology.

Many Junior Gestaltcandidates have reported top scores in their 10th grade, and many Senior Gestalt candidates bagged some of the top institutions like IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kharagpur and likewise. Going further, many candidates have also availed the UPSC Gestalt and Graduate Gestalt service that Neuflex Talent offers during their undergraduate study.

The unique cloud-based web test allows the candidate to take a quick 35-minute personality test from the comfort of home. Upon its completion, the candidate receives a detailed personalised report with graphical representations of the results, followed by a counselling session conducted by Dr Bhooshan Kelkar and Mrs Madhura Kelkar. Dr Bhooshan Kelkar is a PhD in AI and has professional experience of more than 25 years. He has worked in IBM USA/India for 13 yrs and is an inventor of 23 US patents in multiple technologies. Mrs Madhura Kelkar is a psychology expert armed with a master in Personnel Management and expertise in child psychology. This unique combination of technical and psychological expertise has effectively catered to the needs of thousands of students to make them exam ready.

The Gestalt test measures personality characteristics using Jungian typology, differential career analysis based on personality type, learning styles – visual, auditory or kinaesthetic along with a numeric and pie-chart representation of the same, creativity in innovation and the balance between divergent and convergent thinking of the individual resilience- an essential parameter to deal with various challenges a person has to face, reasoning and verbal ability to determine candidate’s suitability to take a particular test, whether multiple-choice questions or descriptive questions are one’s strength, an anxiety test to indicate Physiological, Cognitive and Perceived Social anxiety levels in a student, memory test -both short term and long term to curate a personalised revision plan along with peer review. The report is a holistic one. It showcases the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and indicates the potential tools for development as well. It is also accompanied by guidelines for diet management and physical activity. As the adage goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Based on the above-measured parameters, the top 5 study skills are chosen from a sample size of 26 study techniques to provide a tailor-made solution to the candidate. These are the top 5 weapons they could use to win the exam battle. Results have shown that several learners have witnessed up to 10% improvement in their academics simply by using appropriate study skills. A customised JEE-specific study pattern is also provided for Senior Gestalt candidates. It separately deals with each vertical of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The report indicates under each vertical which subsections must the candidate focus more on depending on hisSWOT analysis. This would help students to effectively allocate time and channelize their energy in the required direction to reap the maximum benefits of their efforts. The Pareto principle or 80-20 rule also states that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes.

Neuflex Talent believes the following two mantras have proved effective:

JEE Success = P+C+M+ Psychological Readiness and

NEET Success = P+C+B+ Psychological Readiness.

Knowledge acquisition, retention and representation are highly influenced by an individual’s personality make-up, abilities, feelings and thought patterns. Hence a one size fits all approach wouldn’t augur well here. Thereby, Neuflex has successfully melded AI with applied psychology to assess major aspects of this process and make learning enjoyable.

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